LOL: Read Burque Babble, then eat your vegetables

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Burque Babble

Scroll down (hell, read the whole damn thing) to Saturday, January 3, 2009: Cheese Sandwiches and the Hieronymus Bosch World of Public School Cafeterias. We hope the legislature will expand a great bill they passed a few years back to provide regular servings of fresh fruit and vegetables to all New Mexico public school children. You’ll see some of the rationale here. But mostly, it’s just damn funny.

(Check out the Food to Table website to learn more about the issue of getting local fresh fruits and vegetables into our schools for meals and snacks.)


New Mexico Ranks 2nd in Food Insecurity

Rep. Brian K. Moore, R-Clayton is sponsoring HB 180, the Manny Herrera Access to Healthy Foods Act. That’s just one of several measures designed to address New Mexico’s food gap.

New Mexico ranks second in the nation for food insecurity say advocates for legislation aimed at providing New Mexicans with healthier food.

A summary of food legislation: Continue reading

Local Food: Poll shows support

How would you feel about New Mexico students getting more fresh foods and vegetables? A damn fine idea, right? That’s how most New Mexicans feel, according to a recent poll conducted by the Center for Civic Policy. Continue reading