Land Ho! The Lyons-Philippou Deal

O.K. folks, bear with me for a bit on the history review because I think we have to look more closely at the actions of the State Land Office.

The conditions under which New Mexico became the 47th state on January 6, 1912 are rather interesting. Land was the currency of the day and New Mexico had plenty of it.

The 1899 Ferguson Act and subsequent 1910 Enabling Act created the state land office and the position of Land Commissioner (first territorial land commissioner then state land commissioner). Due to the strict and highly specified provisions of the Enabling Act, the mission of the State Land Office could be distilled down to a simple matter of generating revenue for the state (mostly for education) from trust lands. Continue reading


Haussamen: Las Cruces residents go progressive

Recent municipal elections in Las Cruces have resulted in an historic shift of political power. NM political blogger/reporter, Heath Haussamen, provides a spot-on analysis in today’s Albuquerque Tribune.

He concludes on this provocative note:

In this traditionally conservative Democratic community, conservative Democrats and Republicans have lost significant ground to progressives in recent elections. I suspect this is reflective of the national mood and may be a sign of what’s to come in the current election season.

Read the entire piece for yourself
Las Cruces residents go progressive, boot Republican leaders