Neocon wet dreams and the judgment of history

Sputtering to the finish line, George W. Bush will go on national TV tonight to give his farewell address. Based on his recent press conference and interviews, we’ve already gotten hints of how he intends to spin his legacy. As Tracy Dingmann put it, “He slumped, he squinted, he contorted his face and mocked his detractors with a fake whiny voice… In summing up his eight years in office, Bush was proudly unreflective.”

Ahh, but it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. Certainly not the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. And Bush’s foreign policy — that was to have been his supreme triumph.

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Karl Rove’s Revisionism: Lying Liars and the Bush Legacy Rollout

Even before the current occupant leaves White House next week, we’re already seeing the historical revisionism being rolled out in an attempt to rescue the Bush economic legacy. Last week, Karl Rove tried to portray W as pushing for regulatory reform — in the seventh year of his administration. The facts say otherwise. Continue reading

Good bye to all that

The new issue of Harper’s (January 2009) has an special three-page edition of the Harper Index – this one devoted entirely to “A retrospective of the Bush era”.

As we say good bye to the old year and to the reign of W, here are just a few of the choicer items. Read ’em and weep. Happy New Year!

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