Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. It was originally called Armistice Day.

Good post on the subject at the New Mexico Independent by Kate Nelson —
Costs of war: Those who did their duty deserve proper care

And then there’s this. Read up on the new G.I. Bill of Rights.


Memorial Day 2008: True Respect

On a bipartisan vote of 75-22, the US Senate last week passed the GI Bill for the 21st Century.

John McCain, who is campaigning in Albuquerque this Memorial Day, has joined President Bush in opposition to the new GI Bill. Bush has threatened to veto it when it arrives at his desk.

In view of the huge gulf between the Bush-McCain “Support our Troops” rhetoric and the reality of their actions, here are three items worth pondering on this Memorial Day 2008. Continue reading

The New G.I. Bill: McCain’s opposition aligns him firmly with Bush

Yes, it was a big government program about which former Senator Bob Dole spoke in these glowing terms: “It changed America; it may have changed the world.”

Passed in 1944, the G.I. Bill of Rights made available to sixteen million veterans of World War II, like Dole, generous educational opportunities and home ownership. It helped build the American middle class that drove the post-war economic boom of the 1950s. Continue reading

Accomplishing Something Terrible

By now, most Americans are cognizant of the fact that today marks the five-year anniversary of President Bush’s “mission accomplished” speech. A vast majority agree that this war was a mistake – in terms of both lives sacrificed and the long-range damage to our economy.

And now we’re learning more about the toll taken in the broken bodies and minds of our veterans — and what’s not being done to care for them.

The Rand Corporation just released a report, Invisible Wounds of War examining the impact Iraq has had on the health of returning veterans. Rates of post traumatic stress disorder, depression and brain injuries are examined. Continue reading