Karl Rove’s Revisionism: Lying Liars and the Bush Legacy Rollout

Even before the current occupant leaves White House next week, we’re already seeing the historical revisionism being rolled out in an attempt to rescue the Bush economic legacy. Last week, Karl Rove tried to portray W as pushing for regulatory reform — in the seventh year of his administration. The facts say otherwise. Continue reading


A lump of coal and a bit of cheer

Christmas 2008: Tomorrow, December 25th, is the 58th birthday of Karl Rove (aka “the Architect”, aka “Turd Blossom”), the man who dedicated his life to electing George W. Bush president and dreamed of creating a “Permanent Republican Majority.”

Instead of a PRM, he gave us was a wretched war, a wrecked economy, and the corruption of the Department of Justice – just for starters.

So bah humbug to you, Karl.

Now on a cheerful note, dear friends, take a look at this wonderful video from Playing for Change – Peace Through Music.