Independence Day Tea-Bacle

“My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy”

– Thomas Jefferson

Let ‘em know, Mr. Jefferson.  As one of the most respected statesmen in our history,  it’s not surprising that he had to deal with folks of the teabagger variety.  His quote sounds like it was made just for them.  He obviously was one of those crazy, socialist types.

tea-bag-fail-publicBecause as much as they try to make it seem like they’re against government spending and taxes, I’m sure the teabaggers will be enjoying their ride to their July 4th Albuquerque event on the tax funded roads, or maybe some will use the city-funded, free park and ride up to Balloon Fiesta Park.  Or how about the fireworks show that night which I’m sure many of the patriotic, teabaggers will take time to enjoy.

But I know they’d rather not have the option to use public transportation and would rather be driving on pothole-ridden, dirt roads.  I’m sure many, like them, feel that the many social services helping U.S. citizens (especially during times of recession) and their families need to be stripped away.  Hell, why not go ahead and get rid of public libraries, public swimming pools (we don’t need these this summer), and let our entire police force go while we’re at it.  We all know these things are not worthy enough to pay taxes for.

Its funny that the teabaggers are suddenly up in arms, when actions during the past 5 years should have been something that had them pissed off and protesting too, if not even more.  Why aren’t they protesting against big business that helped put us in the economic situation we are in (Bernie Madoff should be getting heckled non-stop by these folks)?

Where were the teabaggers when billions of dollars were being spent on a war that has only made us more enemies than friends on the global level?  Or is government spending on things like education and social services a bigger threat to our people than war spending?

But we all know this is just all about taxes and government spending, and not a free for all for these “fed up” people to go off on say – abortion, or the crazy notion of Obama as Hitler, and us his Jews.

Fortunately, there were some other folks who pointed out the absurdity the events.

Yet they, like anyone else, they have the right to freedom of speech, as well as the right to celebrate Independence Day (which I hope we all enjoy this weekend).  But I hope that they cover their eyes and ears when that tax-funded fireworks show goes on across from their event.  Because I know they wouldn’t want to support any government spending that is hurting Americans on Independence Day.