Huzzahs to the Best NM Political Blogs!

Congratulations to Democracy for New Mexico, FBIHOP and Heath Haussamen for making this year’s Best State Political Blogs list – an honor role produced by Washington Post blogger, Chris Cillizza (The Fix).

Between these three, we’ve gotten the whole package — penetrating analysis, unabashed activism and courageous reporting. And they’ve pursued their on-line craft with unflagging integrity. (Whew. Chewed up a lot of adjectives there.) Barb, Matt and Heath have reshaped our state’s political landscape for the better — much to the consternation of the powerful and well-connected.

And let us not fail to recognize the fourth blog that made the list.  Give Joe Monahan his due. Please. Day in and day out, he does produce THE reliable house organ for his anonymous “alligators” – the good-old-boy-lobbyist/entrenched-politico class of New Mexico.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks, Clearly! And thanks for YOUR top notch commentary too. We’re lucky to have a thriving blogosphere here. So many folks working so hard to help expose the negative and support the positive each and every day.

  2. Yes, thanks. The more the merrier in the blogosphere, I think.

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