Week in Rewind: More on TIDDs, Monahan’s ego, Animal Spirits, Blockgate, NM’s New Media, Bogus Polls and Val Kilmer too

Just now recovered from the legislative session. Here’s a buffet of the past week’s posts to re-taste and savor.

Downfall of the SunCal TIDD revisited: It came down to the wee hours of the session — David vs. Goliath and you know how that one came out.  Read all about it.

Environment Wins in Final Hours of NM Legislative Session

What about the other TIDD bills?

We still don’t know how much SunCal spent on all those TV spots, slick mailers and its army of high-priced lobbyists.  It was curious how, with each successive SunCal ad, the estimated number of jobs the development promised to produce would coincidentally keep going up and up and up — inversely tracking with the economy that was going down and down. But 33 House members didn’t go for the $408 million taxpayer handout.   At the end of the day, maybe all those lobbyists  just didn’t take Nick Naylor’s advice to “argue correctly.”  (From the movie, Thank You for Smoking).

Veteran Roundhouse reporter, Jay Miller (Inside the Capitol) offered his authoritative postmortem on the legislative session – including a harsh verdict on who was to blame for the demise of some ethics reform measures:

Some of the committee chairmen, who didn’t get their jobs finished during the regular session, have mentioned a special session as a time they might get some of their work finished. The biggest dallier was Sen. Linda Lopez, chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, who didn’t get confirmation hearings finished and who ended the session with numerous ethics bills stranded in her committee. (link)

Shill shock
And speaking of the downfall of TIDDS… corporate lobbyists’ favorite local blogger, Joe Monahan, has been taken to the woodshed by Matt at FBIHOP:

Anatomy of an alligator bite

ABQJournal writer bruises Monahan’s fragile ego

New media makes its mark

At the NM Independent, Tracy Dingmann (of Clearly NM) had this great commentary on the emergence of New Mexico’s new media as a force during the legislative session.

New Mexico’s new media exposed rough Roundhouse

New Mexico community organizer, Robby Rodriguez, has a new book out:

Working Across Generations:  Defining the Future of Nonprofit Leadership

Dave Maas kept us on top of the Jerome Block-gate story:

Pecos Paul, Optic Editor Testify Before Blockgate Grand Jury

Bogus watch:  Bad polls and free market fundamentalism

Just couldn’t resist mentioning these two stories from a couple of big name national bloggers.

Here’s Nate Silver on this week’s bogus poll that claimed Obama’s job performance numbers have tanked.  (And yes, as Nate suspected, it turned out to be an Internet-based poll.)

The Worst Pollster in the World Strikes Again

And here’s Matt Yglesias’ review of Animal Spirits: How Human Psychology Drives the Economy, and Why It Matters for Global Capitalism, the new book that skewers key tenets of free market fundamentalism. It’s coauthored by Robert Schiller, the economist who warned that the housing bubble was indeed a bubble — and it was going to pop big time.

Review of Animal Spirits

Val Kilmer watch

And finally, what kind of week would more from the Val Kilmer for Governor watch:

Someone is polling Val Kilmer’s negatives

All Things Val

Have a great weekend — and a happy César Chávez Day!


2 Responses

  1. what a great analysis and wrap up of the past week. i’m still on cloud nine after the defeat of the suncal tidd!

  2. I am just as stoked about the SUNCal defeat. I guess their 11 lobbyists weren’t as slick as they thought. Good job to the Legislator’s who listened to their constituents and voted against that potentially horrible situation. Thankfully the Val news is starting to fade out somewhat, maybe he’s starting to get the point and is fading out of the guv race as well.

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