Senator Michael Sanchez: Manipulations, Maneuvers and Manny

While nothing surprises me much at the Roundhouse these days, Senator Michael Sanchez pulled a major shocker out of his hat yesterday afternoon on the Senate Floor.

With Lt. Governor Diane Denish out of the chair and Senator Tim Jennings presiding, Senator Sanchez moved Senate Bill 652 for discussion, literally leap-frogging it ahead of hundreds of other bills onto yesterday’s Senate calendar for immediate action. Even Jennings, a stalwart ally of Sanchez’s, was momentarily stunned, saying something to the effect of, “I don’t believe we go that high, Senator.”

So what was SB 652? It’s Senator Bill Payne’s bill to allow candidates to sue nonprofits and others who they feel are illegally intervening in their reelection campaigns. In other words, the Politician Protection Act — Round 2.

The Senate passed the measure 29-10, with Senator Sanchez voting against the bill, but only after orchestrating its hearing and passage.

Blasting bills from the bottom of the list to the top is certainly not unprecedented but definitely unusual. And who has the authority to manipulate the process like this? Senator Michael Sanchez. These procedural maneuvers are reminiscent of the master of maneuvers, Senator Manny Aragon.

Another fine example of the hidden hand of Senator Sanchez at work.


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  1. Thanks for this –

    Its very clear that in the NM Legislature a simple analysis of votes tells you nothing. However this time the vote tells you just about everything. The Dems that voted for this include: Campos; Cisneros; Greigo, D; Jennings; Lopez; Lovejoy; Martinez; Papen;Pinto; Rodriguez; Sanchez, B; Smith; Ulibarri; Wirth; and lets not leave out Sanchez, M. Neither Morales or Munoz voted but I’d bet they would have supported it.

    This is probably a good list of crooked and status-quo Dems that need to be replaced.

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