Power Shifting on Home

power shift

Juan and I have just arrived back home from Power Shift 09, where over 12,000 young people took over Washington, D.C to make their voices heard on the issue of climate change. It was both inspiring and motivating to meet such a diverse group of young people who are working everyday to make change in their communities and on the federal level.

The event consisted of renowned speakers, work shops, rallies, and an organized lobby day where young folks were able to meet, many for the first time, with their respective elected officials to talk about why we need to set new policies that support a new, clean and green economy. Other highlights from the event included a variety of amazing documentary screenings and a hyped performance by The Roots!

Power Shift 09 may have come to an end, but I know that it has only helped to promote and even stronger movement where young activists across the nation are going home with a new set of tools to move our country in a new positive direction…after a good, well-deserved nap, of course!

(Video to Follow)


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  1. this is very inspiring. good to know that we have some smart young people who are holding our public servants accountable and asking the tough questions.

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