Green Jobs on the Hill: NMYO organizer speaks before Congress

Here at Clearly New Mexico, we’re incredibly proud to announce that one of our own was chosen to testify today before the United States Congress in Washington, D.C.

Juan Reynosa, NMYO Field Organizer

Juan Reynosa, NMYO Field Organizer

Juan Reynosa, a field organizer for New Mexico Youth Organized and a native of Hobbs, N.M., spoke about green jobs legislation in New Mexico this afternoon before the House Committee on Global Warming. Reynosa, who with NMYO is working to help promote green jobs legislation at the local and federal level, was chosen to testify before Congress by Powershift 09, a nationwide annual collaboration of organizations and new young leaders who intend to hold their leaders accountable to the need and urgency for federal climate action.

Last Friday, as part of Powershift 09, Reynosa was picked to introduce acclaimed organizer and Green For All founder Van Jones to a crowd of thousands of Powershift members at their annual meeting in D.C. In his appearance today before Congress, Reynosa drew upon his experiences growing up in the midst of extensive oil and gas production in Southeastern New Mexico. He spoke about his conviction that for both economic and environmental reasons, America must embrace green jobs, green businesses, carbon caps and a national clean energy corps.

“I was born and raised in Hobbs, where my father has been working in the same oil field for the past 30 years without hardly any advancement in his job and has been forced to move to keep his job because of the decline of oil production in the area,” Reynosa said before his testimony. “My family, and all of America, is ready for a new energy economy, because it will create new jobs, boost our economy, and help us move from dirty, energy industries into cleaner and more sustainable, energy industries.”

Keep an eye out for a report from Reynosa later on Clearly New Mexico about his appearance on the Hill. You can also read more about Reynosa here in a profile that appeared last summer in The Nation magazine.


2 Responses

  1. So who paid for his trip?

  2. NMYO, obviously.

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