NM Senate this week: The Reckless and The Feckless

lindalopezFirst, the reckless: On Thursday, the NM State Senate, counting on a new housing bubble, passed the Linda Lopez (D-Albuq.) sponsored SunCal TIDD bill.  Now if the measure gets through the House, hundreds of millions of future taxpayer dollars will go to subsidize sprawl on Albuquerque’s Westside and benefit a California land developer.  Like every other state in the nation, New Mexico is facing  massive budget deficits as far as the eye can see, which will probably necessitate future tax increases.  (see NM Independent and Cocoposts)

And then there’s the feckless: Also on Thursday, ten Democrats and joined with all fifteen of the Senate’s Republicans to defeat the Domestic Partners Rights and Responsibilities Act by a 17-25 margin.

Just before the voting closed, Senator Carlos Cisneros (D-Questa) suddenly switched his vote from “yes” to “no”.

Meanwhile, it’s déjà vu all over again in the Senate Rules Committee, which is waging a relentless sitzkrieg on the ethics reform front.  Read about  Wednesday’s in-action and Friday’s. Of course, as was previously reported, the committee took the first two weeks of the session off.  To hear a lecture (NM Senate 101) on why the system just has to work in this cockamamie way, listen to KUNM’s interview with Rules Committee Chair Linda Lopez. (see Another Slow Day for Ethics Bills at State Legislature)

New Mexico is one of only five states in the nation with no caps on campaign contributions whatsoever (Illinois just joined the ranks).  Such a measure would severely limit the huge sums of political money that special interests like SunCal could throw at our state’s politicians.  Apparently there’s no great desire on the part of the NM State Senate leadership to fast track this one.


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  1. Isnt there enough corruption and BS in the political arena without using the “no max” on contributions to fill your pockets in return for huge favors to a private land developer? If people there want a housing project,let them pay for it, or better yet..YOU pay for it Ms.Lopez. I will not benefit one iota from a government housing project hundreds of miles from me, only you and the developer will benefit along with the people that will move in there until it begins to degenerate into a slum and a new one must be built. Keep your hand out Ms. Lopez,never know when fortune will smile on you…again.

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