Webcast the legislature, New Mexico

An important package of ethics bills in New Mexico’s history will be heard tomorrow in the Senate Rules Committee.

Lobbyists, advocates and the members of the media are expected to cram the meeting room to hear lawmakers discuss matters of huge importance to us all.

Shockingly, neither the Senate nor the House have decided yet whether that hearing – or any legislative hearing – is fit to broadcast live to the public.

Thank goodness for the New Mexico Independent, which has pledged to liveblog and webcast the meeting as it happens.

Judging from the overwhelming public support of the actions of “rogue” legislator Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones, who has dared to webcast committee meetings on which she sits, New Mexico is clearly clamoring for more transparency in government.

And in the Senate, a small number of technology deniers are holding up what the majority of the members of that chamber want.

How ironic that for this pivotal meeting on ethics, we have to depend not on the state, but rather on an online media source to make it public.

Can we please just settle this once and for all?

Webcast the legislature, so the citizens can see their legislators at work.

UPDATE: Well, how do you like that? This afternoon the Committee on Committees announced they have reversed their earlier decision and will now allow the cameras to be reinstalled in the Senate chamber. Once in a great while the dinosaurs of the Senate do respond to grassroots citizen pressure. Bravo! Read all about it.

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