Disinvite Rick Warren

I’m not really big on micromanagement.

And, as I’ve watched the parade of cabinet appointments issue forth from Chicago, I don’t have an all-consuming worry that president-elect Barack Obama is out to betray his left-of-center base.

He’s made some good choices, most notably on State, Energy, Education, Health and Human Services, and, um, Commerce.

We elected Barack Obama , and we empowered him to make those choices. His cabinet is his most important cadre of advisors. We must pay attention to the background of his nominees, and closely follow what they do after they take their offices.

So I’m feeling pretty good about the big choices.

I guess that’s why it bothers me so much that Obama has taken the grave misstep of inviting evangelical pastor and anti-gay rights activist Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration.

Amid all the cabinet appointments, it may seem like a small matter.

But it surely is not. Not to the millions of gay Americans who supported Obama’s mantra of change while struggling to maintain their human rights every day. And not to the millions of Americans who stand with gay Americans in their ongoing fight.

Obama has already begun hearing from outraged gay groups and progressives who supported him and feel betrayed by this odd and insulting choice.

Obama needs to find a graceful way to disinvite Warren, and fast.


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