The people spoke, but will legislators listen?

In poll after poll prior to November 4th, New Mexican voters voiced their desire for change – not just generic change for change’s sake, but real change in the economy, real change in health care, real change in the war, real change in energy sources and real change in the ethical behavior of elected leaders.

Voters put their voice into action on November 4th, electing new leaders at all levels of government, and by historic margins. With much of the media focused on our new President and Congressional leaders, will state legislators heed the call as well, or will we get inaction on these critical issues?

Here’s a great example of the change we need. It’s a story about Schott Solar, an Albuquerque company that has come away unscathed by the economic catastrophe.

Check out the bolded section:

A study done for SEIA estimated extending the investment tax credit would create 440,000 permanent jobs and unleash $325 billion in private investment in the solar industry.

Schott is investing $100 million in its Albuquerque plant and has visions of eventually quadrupling its operation to reach 1,500 jobs and $500 million in investment. Rakes said the company is currently studying the prospects of future expansion and said the tax credit will be an important consideration.

“I think that’s the engine that’s going to drive a lot of the development and growth, not only for us but for others as well,” Rakes said.

Yes, that’s right. Smart government action – in this case, a federal investment tax credit – literally unleashed gobs of private sector investment.

What bold government actions will legislators make this year? Will they finally fix our health care system? Will they finally enact laws to reign in unethical behavior? Will they spur private sector investment in a new economy based on renewable energy?

Or will they let the same old lobbyist-driven status quo remain the same?


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