Playing in Prop. 8

Seems 190 New Mexicans contributed to Proposition 8 — the California ballot measure banning gay marriage. (link) (hat tip to Jim Baca)

Unfortunately, it passed.

Being the geek I am, I decided to pour over the list and see who’s supporting a ban on gay marriage and who’s opposing it. Here are some preliminary numbers.

  • There were 57 financial contributions from New Mexicans and New Mexico businesses in support of Prop. 8 (meaning they support banning gay marriage). Several donors made multiple contributions.
  • There were 131 contributions from New Mexicans (no discernible business listings) in opposition to Prop. 8 (meaning they oppose banning gay marriage). There were little, if any repeat donors.
  • New Mexico supporters of Prop. 8 contributed $147,915 to ban gay marriage in California. The average donation was $2,595.
  • New Mexico opponents of Prop. 8 contributed $34,283 to fight against banning gay marriage. The average donation was $261.70.
There is so much more that can be drawn from this information, but I’ll just start with this macro donor profile.


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