Firing up the Forum

Last Thursday, we held our first Clearly New Mexico online forum. The topic for the evening was all things “economy” and our featured guest was Professor Melissa Binder from UNM’s economics department.

I must say, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was uncertain about our technology selection (U Stream). And, I really had no idea about attendance, or if participants would be willing to get actively involved.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

Throughout the hour-long forum, attendance held steady at around 30 people. In addition to the respectable turnout, we had a very engaged audience. The U Stream technology couldn’t have been a better fit for our needs (check it out at – allowing participants to chat with one another while also allowing them to submit questions for Professor Binder.

Given the primacy of the ongoing economic crisis, forum participants were only too eager to get answers to their questions. But I believe they were also eager to talk with other New Mexicans about things like retirement plans, mortgages, bank lending, derivatives and what sorts of policies might lead to a reinvigoration of the American middle class.

With one forum under our belt, you can bet we’ll be announcing another in the near future. We believe Clearly New Mexico is a space for healthy debate and educating ourselves about various public policy alternatives.

Stay tuned for more information about the next Clearly New Mexico forum. In the mean time, check out this link for a replay of last week’s economic forum.


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