Power Shifting

The next two weeks mark the American quadrennial event of party conventions for both Democrats and Republicans.

Of course, this week the Democrats meet in Denver, while the Republicans gather next week in my town(s) of origin, the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

For a time, the seat of American political power will shift away from Washington, D.C. The figurative shift is noteworthy because it marks a time-honored tradition for our political system.

The unfortunate reality about this presidential election year is that another, much more disturbing shift is taking place.

I’m talking about the eyebrow-raising shift in PAC donations from Republicans to Democrats. Seems money finds its way to the party most favored to have power after the upcoming election.

Now, I’m not naïve. The money always follows the power. But, given all of the public corruptions scandals, haven’t Americans had enough of money and powerful lobbyists ruling the roost?

I sure hope they have.

Take some time to peruse the list. I strongly suspect the interests represented by the various PAC’s do not make investments without expecting some kind of return on their investments.

Now that the PAC donation shift is in full swing, you can bet the various PAC representatives will be working overtime in Denver this week.

This kind of brazen influence peddling has to stop.


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