DNC: Tom Udall Interview

DENVER: Rep. Tom Udall told me he will talk about the sorry state of the Bush economy when he addresses the Democratic National Convention in Denver at about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

I ran into the congressman and candidate for U.S. Senate at the Sunport this morning while we were both waiting for Denver-bound flights.

Udall, a Democrat, said he will speak at the convention tomorrow at the request of New York Senator Charles Schumer, who chose Udall to speak as part of a slate of Schumer’s most promising Senate candidates. Others who will speak include New Hampshire’s Jeanne Shaheen, Maine’s Tom Allen and Colorado’s Mark Udall (Tom Udall’s cousin).

Tom Udall, who faces Steve Pearce for the senate seat left open by the retirement of Pete Domenici, said he was heartened by the opening-day speeches of Michelle Obama and Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.

“I think it was a step toward healing and unifying the party,” he said. “I thought all of it was very moving.”

Udall said he plans to take aim at the economic policies of President Bush – and link them to Pearce- when he addresses the unabashedly partisan crowd tomorrow.

“He is for a continuation of the Bush policies on taxes, which hurt the middle class, and on his trade policies, which ship our jobs overseas.”


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