The Answer is Clear

At a time in which there is plenty to be pessimistic about, it would seem to us in New Mexico that credible answers to the country’s myriad problems are few and far between.

International conflict, natural disasters that claim the lives of tens of thousands of people, rising food prices, rising oil prices and a weakened U.S dollar have deepened an already palpable despair.

As New Mexicans witness grim scenes on their television screen, hear about job loss on the radio and feel the impact of rising health care costs, all hope appears to be lost. For all of the questions raised by a gloomy national and international climate, not to mention the struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis, there are clear answers to the problems facing New Mexicans.

A wonderful example of a creative solution is the push for green collar jobs (solar panel installation, green building trades, water treatment, etc.). Green collar jobs, and the associated programs that provide training to workers, can open up possibilities for a new energy economy.

Green collar jobs are but one example among many that provide answers to what seem like daunting problems.

Our problems as a state and as a country are real and they are serious. But, with solutions that embrace the assets of our land and the ingenuity of our people, while honoring the rich cultural history that is clearly New Mexico, the future is bright.

You will see and hear more in the coming days about why there is cause for hope. You will also learn more about what is clearly New Mexico.


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