Netroots Adventure: Ali Goes to Camp

I was given a choice. Go to rehab or to RootsCamp. I chose the latter.

What is RootsCamp you ask?

I was asking myself the same thing as I boarded a plane to D.C. for a weekend of RootsCamp adventures. Well it wasn’t quite THAT mysterious, and I have to confess that I did do a ‘lil homework about RootsCamp before I landed.

Here’s what RootsCamp says about itself:

“RootsCamps are debriefs for the progressive community – everyone from the “netroots” to precinct captains to field organizers to national message consultants – is invited to come together to hash out what we learned and how to apply those lessons going forward.”

I’ll admit I did indeed find a group of Web Wizards who were willing to share lessons learned and best practices and talk about the nitty gritty of how we take this powerful platform known as “the web” and propel it to new levels. Or should I say even newer levels. This thing changes and grows every second.

The first morning was a quick round robin of introductions that was a feat to admire. Imagine a room of 200 or so people who are all asked to introduce themselves. I was about to die in my seat until I heard the rules: Name, organization and 3 words. You got booed if you went over that. Nice. The other RootsCamp rule is: NO TOURISTS. Come prepared to give a demo, lead a session, or help with one.

You can see people in action posting session ideas and urging others to do a session.


The sessions were wide and varied. A sampling of the topics included, “Closing the Digital Divide,” “Race on the Blogs,” “Online to Offline Organizing,” to “Dealing with Constituent Email,” and “Holding FOX Accountable.”


I was inspired to be in the company of folks I admire in the field and am looking forward to holding our own RootsCamp New Mexico this year.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

A group of New Mexico bloggers, organizers and leaders sharing ideas and learning about how we can impact our state and provide folks with cutting edge information and new ways to engage in our community. If we can expand participation in our democracy, even better. Stay posted for more info on RootsCamp New Mexico and send me ideas for sessions you might like to do or learn about.

Check out Pics from RootsCamp DC


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