Super Tuesday in New Mexico

Voting begins at NOON for the Democratic Presidential Preference Caucus. Here’s where you can find a list of voting sites:

Democratic Party voting sites

New Mexico Democrats opted for the February presidential Caucus system for the first time in 2004. In truth, it is a party-run primary – not a true caucus like the Iowa model. There’s no meeting, no call to order. You just show up, get in line, and wait your turn to cast a ballot.

Everyone is watching the turnout. Before Governor Bill Richardson dropped out of the presidential sweepstakes, it was shaping up to be a drowsy favorite son affair. But since his departure, there has been a surge of activity.

106,000 turned out for the 2004 Caucus – a 20% turnout. Not bad given the reduced number of polling places as compared to primary elections. Full-blown primary turnouts in NM have been averaging about 25% in recent years. Currently there are over 533,000 registered Democrats in New Mexico.

So will the excitement surge translate into a record turnout, or will the big snowfall in the North tamp it down a bit?

As for the Republicans…

New Mexico’s R’s will have to wait until June to cast their presidential votes. The GOP presidential primary will be held as part of the regular state administered primary election.

By then the issue will be moot, if the expectations of the national pollsters and punditocracy is correct and the GOP nomination gets wrapped up today.

But will the conservative dead-enders like Limbaugh and Hannity give up so easily? See this post by the godfather of right-wing direct mail – Richard Viguerie. He’s calling for a revolt of the righties and an open convention. Viguerie’s dark horse choice? No, it’s not Newt. The godfather likes George “Macaca” Allen.


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