Albuq. Journal: Read the headline, miss the story

Mayor Martin Chavez’s U.S. Senate bid may have collapsed in the face of abysmal poll numbers but that doesn’t mean there will be any abatement of the Albuquerque Journal’s bend-over-backwards favorable reportage of his administration.

Take today’s misleading headline: Chávez Focuses on Homeless.

If you bother read the whole story, however, you will learn that the City of Albuquerque is facing a budget shortfall that will require some “belt tightening”. But wasn’t this the same Mayor Marty who was denouncing the City Council for not speeding up a scheduled gross receipts reduction (prudently it now would seem) just a few months ago, claiming the City was flush? He even put his Chief Financial Officer, Gail Reese, up to impersonating an outraged citizen “caller” to his KKOB radio show to demand her “tax cut”. (Tribune story)

Cocoposts takes the Journal to task for sloppy reporting.


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